Earlier today we published a piece called "The Future of the Lakers Rests on the NBA Draft Lottery," because, well, Tuesday night's best lotto draft plot-line was whether the Lakers would keep their first-round pick or not. You see, had they fallen outside of a top-3 selection they would have had to give their pick to the Philadelphia 76ers because of their 2012 acquisition of Steve Nash. But, if they got a top-3 choice, then they would be allowed to retain it. Though it no longer means jack (unless you're a conspiracy theorist) L.A. had a 46.9 percent chance of keeping their pick going into the night.

Now, as you almost certainly know, the Lakers ended up with the No. 2 pick. In fact, the top three were (in reverse order): No. 3-Philadelphia, No. 2-Los Angeles, and No. 1-Boston. And though it would've been better to grab the first overall selection, duh, it still beats having to deal your pick to Philly. That being said, not at all shockingly, Lakers fans freaked out (with elation, not anger). And they took to Twitter to do so because it's somewhat of a tradition to jump to immediate conclusions over draft-related news:

Guess we'll see what they do when the draft actually goes down on June 22. But, don't be surprised if you get more Lonzo/LaVar Ball news before then...