When MMA fighter Arkadiusz Wroblewski suffered a dislocated shoulder in the middle of his match a few months ago, who would have thought that his own opponent would be the one to offer a helping hand? Just 40 seconds into his December showdown in Germany against Paata Tschapelia, Wroblewski's shoulder got popped out of place following an overhand haymaker attempt.

After initially trying to shake off the injury, Wroblewski realized that he dislocated his shoulder. As the Polish fighter was being tended to near the ropes, Tschapelia came over to offer some help, but he was waved away by the referee. When the medic failed to help Wroblewski out, Tschapelia went over again, and immediately popped the shoulder back in with one quick yet effective tug. You can see for yourself in the video above.

Wroblewski immediately got mobility back in his shoulder, and the two were able to finish what they started. With 90 seconds remaining in the first round, Tschapelia landed a damaging left that sent Wroblewski to the mat. Tschapelia wound up winning via TKO. 

Wroblewski should have realized that the dislocated shoulder was probably a sign from the universe telling him that he should get out of the ring—especially when the medic at the scene couldn't even help him out. But no, Tschapelia had to be the good Samaritan who helps out someone in their time of need only to leave that person snoring on the mat a couple minutes later.

Just when you thought this was going to be the feel-good story of the year, Tschapelia had to lay him out.